Historical Museum of Gdańsk

Gdańsk History Museum is now a group of 8 museums, established in 1970, as a branch of the Pomeranian Museum in Gdansk. It then began to collect objects, pieces and documents of the town’s history, from the Middle Ages to the present.

To think a museum’s identity, we need to first think about what it represents. In this case, the group of 8 museums stands for Gdańsk. They show us the city’s past history, stories, economics, battles, ideals and ideas. Fundamentally these museums store the city’s true identity. The identity is based on the principle that this logo should not only represent its museums, but also the specificity of its city. The same way we recognise Gdańsk in its coat of arms we also see the city in its museums.

For the conception of the new symbol, each museum was metaphorically perceived has a fragment of the city’s history, since each museum stores and exhibits cultural, historical, scientific and artistic parts of Gdańsk.

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